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What is Early Management?

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Application of Kaizen principles/ LEAN learning’s & concepts on a company’s future projects, so that MUDA (waste) can be PREVENTED. This is Kaizen applied as a ‘preventive measure’.

Why Early Management?

To help design waste-free, visual, easily managed factory layouts, processing centers, assembly workstations and supporting material management and handling infrastructure in order to minimize recurring costs. Properly done, the need of floor space can be reduced 50% & manpower reduced 30% to 50%, apart from eliminating a lot of other Muda/ waste

What does Early Management typically Cover?

1)       Manufacturing FLOW improvements

2)       LEAN/ Cellular layouts

3)       Investment in ‘right-size’, multiple, easily maintained, flexible equipment (including utilities)

4)       Quick changing, flexible equipment  (also workstations and layouts)

5)       Ergonomic workstations

6)       Multi-skilled, multi-tasking manpower

7)       Customized, count-free containers for parts

8)       Line side – design for material inputs using FIFO racks

9)       POUS (Point-of-use Stores)

10)   Design of Supermarkets for storage, where necessary (and pull replenishment) of raw materials and parts

11)   Kaizen warehouse (FG and spares sales) for optimization of flow

12)    Lean internal logistics systems (supporting JIT operations internally) 

13)    Lean supervision

14)    Lean documentation (perhaps supported by bar-coding)

15)    Visual management of ‘gembutsu’ and information/ data

16)    Implementing ‘Factory within a factory’ paradigms, if required


Typical Impact of Early Management application

  • Reduced shop floor space/ storage space requirement (we target 50%)
  • Creation of FLOW & PULL in order to reduce inventory and manpower allocation
  • Reduced capital investments (in certain areas), all of which will offer better Productivity, reduced Through Put Time, Lower Waste etc.

Author: Kaizen Institute - India!

Kaizen Institute – India is part of the Global Kaizen Institute operations. Kaizen Institute was established by Sensei Masaaki Imai, the GURU of Kaizen. He wrote the 1st book 28 yrs ago and that is when it all started . We operate in 30+ countries today and have over 400+ coaches helping more then 600 organizations Learn, Apply, Sustain – Kaizen/ Operational Excellence. In India we have two physical offices – Pune & Ahmedabad and 27 coaches in all.

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