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Why Change Efforts Fail?

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What causes change to fail in most organizations? 

  • Lack of Clarity About the Purpose and Outcome of the Change Effort
  • The Change Effort Has Insufficient Support
  • Key Players in the Change Program Are Under performing
  • The Change Program Implementation Plan Is Weak
  • Failure to Acknowledge the Importance of Emotional Commitment to the Change Effort
  • Poor Communication Strategy
  • Lack of Staying Power
  • Ignoring the Mistakes in the Change Program – Or Blaming Others For Them

Why Lean Six Sigma Initiatives fail or are not sustainable?

  • 80% said their Lean Six Sigma effort were failing to drive the anticipated value
  • 74% said they are not gaining the expected competitive edge, because they have not achieved their savings targets
  • Only about 20% of companies that start lean implementation have become successful


 Paradigms, The reason why it is so difficult to change


 Kaizen Change Management

Image Kaizen Change Management Effect


 Quick Audit to the 3 Pillar of Change


 The KCM Model: Paradigm & Change Capability


What is “Company Culture”?


 5 Change Principles

Make it a strategic priority:

  • 1 of the top five strategic initiatives!
  • We have clear Targets!
  • Direct The Rider

Drive 2 types of change:

  • Projects to change Gemba!
  • Teams to change Behaviors!
  • Shape the Paths

Create Lighthouses & Viral Agents:

  • We have excellent lighthouses that embody the vision
  • Our Influent Managers & Team Leaders are committed!
  • Motivate the Elephant

Change Behaviors in small steps:

  • Natural teams make steady Progress!
  • They follow a step model (1 theme a quarter)!
  • Motivate the Elephant

Teaching by Doing & Practicing a Lot:

  • We run Gemba Kaizen Workshops!
  • Natural Team Practice Frequently!
  • Motivate the Elephant

 Paradigms: “Teaching by Doing”, the best Learning Method


To Change Culture…. You have to change Gemba and Change Mind

  1. Gemba Work: Projects: Workshops

Improve Work Areas and Processes

  1. Behavioral Work: Practice Kaizen Daily: Support and Reinforce

New Behaviors start Spreading

  1. Support work: Direct the Rider Motivate the Elephant

Reinforce Behaviors for Cultural Change

Project Kaizen


 Value Stream Projects

With many companies integrating Lean and Six Sigma methodologies into a single improvement tool kit, value stream mapping has emerged as a preferred tool to identify process improvement opportunities. A number of valuable points can be made about applying value stream thinking to project selection across a range of industries and processes


Daily Kaizen


Daily Kaizen Model


Support Kaizen


 Kaizen Organizational Structure


 The Organization-wide KCM Model


 The successful Kaizen Deployment Road map


 Acknowledgement : Euclides Coimbra


Author: Kaizen Institute - India!

Kaizen Institute – India is part of the Global Kaizen Institute operations. Kaizen Institute was established by Sensei Masaaki Imai, the GURU of Kaizen. He wrote the 1st book 28 yrs ago and that is when it all started . We operate in 30+ countries today and have over 400+ coaches helping more then 600 organizations Learn, Apply, Sustain – Kaizen/ Operational Excellence. In India we have two physical offices – Pune & Ahmedabad and 27 coaches in all.

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