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Productivity improvement through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Part III of III

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Fundamental concept of the plant efficiency


TPM Roles


TPM Benefits

To the Business

  • More customer Requirements
  • Produce more for the same cost
  • Become more Competitive
  • Less Expenditure on Breakdowns, Machine Parts, Scrap, Panic Measures, etc.

For Maintenance Engineers:

  • Less Breakdown Maintenance (Firefighting)
  • Machines which are Clean and kept in Good Condition
  • More Time to Spend on Preventing Breakdowns Using:

– Preventive Techniques
– Predictive Techniques
– Design out Problems

  • Opportunity to Increase Skills and Knowledge

For Operators and Setters

  • A Clean, Tidy and Safer Workplace
  • Problems and Faults Fixed
  • A say in What goes on in the Cell
  • Opportunity to increase Skills and Knowledge
  • Less Panic – More Control
  • Smarter Methods of Working on More Effective Machines

Attainable goals


8 Pillars of TPM


8 TPM® – Pillars


Content of the 8 pillars of TPM®



  • Start with simple activities which will bring good returns
  • Plan the TPM program in detail
  • Probably 3 years overall




  • Typically 80% of breakdowns are caused by
  • Improper ‘ Cleaning ‘
  • Improper ‘ Oiling ‘
  • Improper ‘ Tightening ‘
  • Improper ‘ Inspection ‘

In short “ COTI ”

P.S. If your leaders and colleagues are also interested in this subject, do them a favor and share this link. They may thank you for your concern and initiative.

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Author: Kaizen Institute - India!

Kaizen Institute – India is part of the Global Kaizen Institute operations. Kaizen Institute was established by Sensei Masaaki Imai, the GURU of Kaizen. He wrote the 1st book 28 yrs ago and that is when it all started . We operate in 30+ countries today and have over 400+ coaches helping more then 600 organizations Learn, Apply, Sustain – Kaizen/ Operational Excellence. In India we have two physical offices – Pune & Ahmedabad and 27 coaches in all.

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