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Productivity improvement through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Part III of III

Fundamental concept of the plant efficiency


TPM Roles


TPM Benefits

To the Business

  • More customer Requirements
  • Produce more for the same cost
  • Become more Competitive
  • Less Expenditure on Breakdowns, Machine Parts, Scrap, Panic Measures, etc.

For Maintenance Engineers:

  • Less Breakdown Maintenance (Firefighting)
  • Machines which are Clean and kept in Good Condition
  • More Time to Spend on Preventing Breakdowns Using:

– Preventive Techniques
– Predictive Techniques
– Design out Problems

  • Opportunity to Increase Skills and Knowledge

For Operators and Setters

  • A Clean, Tidy and Safer Workplace
  • Problems and Faults Fixed
  • A say in What goes on in the Cell
  • Opportunity to increase Skills and Knowledge
  • Less Panic – More Control
  • Smarter Methods of Working on More Effective Machines

Attainable goals


8 Pillars of TPM


8 TPM® – Pillars


Content of the 8 pillars of TPM®



  • Start with simple activities which will bring good returns
  • Plan the TPM program in detail
  • Probably 3 years overall




  • Typically 80% of breakdowns are caused by
  • Improper ‘ Cleaning ‘
  • Improper ‘ Oiling ‘
  • Improper ‘ Tightening ‘
  • Improper ‘ Inspection ‘

In short “ COTI ”

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