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IndiZEN – 6th National Convention on Operational Excellence

India has a great diversity in the maturity levels within different industries. There are certain industries which are mature and many are still at the stage where they are driving Operational Excellence (OE) in bits & pieces. In a way they are driving OE or continual improvements, but they are not really driving them in a way it should be.


Too often the greatest challenge faced by the Operational Excellence Managers is “Sustaining Change”. This happens because of lack of focus on Daily Work Management practices or SDCA approach or misunderstandings or general resistance to change. It is not unusual for improvement efforts to disappear.  Therefore sustaining change or operational excellence plays a crucial role in Continual Improvement journey. Leaders at every level in the organization must continue to demonstrate their commitment & visible leadership to sustain change so that whatever improvements happen do not disappear.

We present & invite you to IndiZEN 2015, 6th National Convention on Operational Excellence where you can Learn more about the “Sustained Operational Excellence – Key to Long Term Success of ‘Make In India”, Share your learnings & experience & Network with like minded people. IndiZEN 2015 is going to be the place to learn about the ways to sustain operational excellence. You will gain insights on how you can become an active learning organization and build the capability of your people by engaging their hearts & minds.

Block your dates, be there to learn & find the real key to Sustainability.

P.S. If your leaders and colleagues are also interested in this subject, do them a favor and share this link. They may thank you for your concern and initiative.

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Learn to attack the 8th Muda!

The ‘Operational Excellence’ space has been dominated for years by methods inspired by TPS (Toyota Production System) – now called ‘The Toyota Way’ – along with a few other practices. Lean was an adaption – focusing on reduction/ elimination of 7 classical wastes (Muda) of TPS. The 8th muda (that of utilized/ underutilized human capabilities) got added to the list later. However, literature provides very little help in methods of addressing this muda.

Assess your organization’s OE maturity level! 

We often wonder where do we stand in our journey of excellence. Some MNCs have developed assessment tools to compare progress against time & to compare plants with each other. We shall use a common assessment tool to permit participant companies to conduct a self-assessment in order to get a feel of where they stand w.r.t. World Class benchmarks; & to find opportunities for improvement. 


IndiZEN 2014 – the 5th National Convention on Operational Excellence will give you an opportunity to get the answer of all such questions. It is going to be held on 11 – 12th February 2014 at Hotel Hyatt, Pune, India. This event will also give you an opportunity to learn some of the effective practices applicable in the Indian environment – learn about Kaizen Kata & Coaching Kata; TWI (Training Within Industry – JI, JM & JR modules) & Kaizen Teian.

IndiZEN has become one of India’s significant annual gatherings of practitioners, who come together to Learn, Network, Celebrate & Share the work done by their organisations in implementation of Kaizen/ Lean/ Operational Excellence in their respective workplaces.

This value packed event brings to you

  • Globally renowned opening & closing keynote speakers (Donald Dinero, the TWI guru from the US will be one)
  • Face to face Q&As with India’s leading Operational Excellence (OE) experts; 
  • Knowledge sessions (this years’ focus – People Development)
  • Excellence Inside Tours (visit to world class facilities/ factories since seeing is believing!); and the most awaited 
  • National Case Study Competition

It will provide you enough ammunition & inspiration to remain focused & energized for success in your pursuit of Operational Excellence at your workplace.

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Announcing IndiZen 2014 – National Convention on Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence is a summation of effective People Engagement supported by judicious application of Kaizen / Lean tools combined with smart Change Management.

INDIZEN promotes Operational Excellence, which is beyond the mere use of improvement tools. It is about building a culture that promotes excellence in all kind of operations, be it operations within a factory, a telecom company, a hospital, a bank, a government office or a port!

IndiZen 2013 highlights:

1. More then 150+ delegates participated from across the departments, industries & organizations.

2. Organizations like Godrej, Vodafone, Arvind Mills, India Cements, ITC, Coca Cola, Akshay Patra, John Deere, Kirloskar, Kalpataru, NTPC, Nestle, etc participated. In all we had 49+ organizations.

3. There were 19 case studies presented by organizations like Biocon, Coca-Cola, Godrej, Vodafone, General Motors, etc presented cases on their journey of Operational Excellence in their organizations.

4. Sensei Masaaki Imai the founding chairman of Kaizen Institute conferred citation on Inarco Ltd & Vodafone India.

5. Participants visited world class manufacturing plants like Suzlon, General Motors, Volkswagen, Bajaj Auto, etc.

6. The Opening Key Note Speaker was Mr. Jagdish Ramaswamy, President – Corporate World Class Manufacturing, Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt Ltd. and the Closing Key Note speaker was Mr. Euclides Coimbra, Managing Director – Kaizen Institute Consulting Group and Author of TFM – ‘Total Flow Management’

Winners of Case study competition & Citations


IndiZen 2013 was concluded with lots of learning, fun, excitement, etc.

 Mark your diary for 11th & 12th Feb 2014 – Be there at Pune to  Share, Learn, Network and get Challenged.